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Age Corrective Skin Renew 2.5 + hours $275 Visible Results in 2 minutes!

Antioxidant Facial - Neck, Shoulder, Scalp & Face Massage  -  Mineral Foot Soak  -  Foot Scrub  -  Callus Remove

A rare treat to superbly relax and deeply hydrate your skin, while the ingredients combined with face massage movements visibly lifts, firms and tightens. Includes the neck and decollate, all for increasing your skin's elasticity and ridding toxic wastes and impurities. Super rich in antioxidants, also reduces wrinkles and smooths the skin, for a revitalizing facial experience, for a younger, less tired looking you.


Expert and skillful in the ways your skin takes notice, we will Transport You!      .

Sacred Harmony Massage & Crystal Reiki 90 min $155

That you may float into a profound calm, we begin with a customized light, medium or deep soulful 45 minute massage with warmed body oil and then we add essential oils, such as sandalwood and chamomile. The massage is followed by a crystal / Reiki Therapy session, to balance the chakras, which helps the flow of energy through the body and balances the emotions.

Sacred Earth Body and Face Massage 2 hours $195 choose light medium or deep therapy

90 min body massage + 30 min face massage with detoxifying antioxidant phyto greens clay + steam shower


Ideal for an all over deep stress relief + detox and skin softening; being massaged to deeply relax and de-stress, combined with our very own super phyto-greens clay face mask recipe to prompt a deepest relaxation for a most refreshed and revitalized looking you!  As an ultimate spa treatment, clay with phyto-greens has unrivaled healing properties for nourishing and detoxifying you. This full body + face massage and steam shower delivers a quite evident results oriented experience.

Some Enchanted Evening 2.5 + hours $425

For Two People in the Couples Room : Enjoy the Perfect Blend of Pampering with Lasting Memories! 

Includes A Steam Shower for Deeper Stress Relief!


No take-out dinners or movie rentals this evening. Our Enchanted Couples Evening allows you both to Reunite and Reconnect. This package includes everything x two: one hour of deeply soothing massage, a skin rejuvenating lavender sea salt scrub we make ourselves just for you both and a mini facial, where you will see a noticeable difference in smoothness and skin vitality!


Sacred Elements l Massage *2 + hrs* $220

Deeply Relaxing Body Massage . Body Scrub . Shiatsu Scalp Massage . Ultra Hair Conditioning . Wet Room Rinse

Enjoy a most tranquil yet exhilarating ritual for purification and calming. Then, do nothing but take delight in the warmest rinse.... in the beautiful wet room. 

Sacred Elements ll Massage  *90 min*  $175

​Deeply Relaxing Body Massage . Body Scrub . Wet Room Rinse

Just a bit shorter version - only minus the hair conditioning and the scalp massage - Enjoy the superb rinse!

Detox Body Therapy 2.5 hours $275 "a head to toe spring cleaning"

Deep Therapy Massage . Detoxifying Facial . Cleansing and Soothing Body Wrap


For those who need to detoxify after a period of intense stress or illness, over-eating, drinking or smoking: experience the release of unhealthy accumulations in the lymphatic, digestive, circulatory and muscular systems. Our body wrap features an exclusive anti-aging and detoxifying clay formula designed for optimum body rejuvenation.  "A Head to Toe Spring Cleaning".

Inner Strengthen 2.5 hours $275

Deep Therapeutic Relax Massage . Reflexology . Trigger Points . Reiki Energy Work . (all 90 min)

Face & Scalp Renew Massage (30 min) : Regenerating and Soothing Essential Oil Body Scrub with Steam Shower


To assist in recovery from non-chronic fatigue, feeling plain tuckered out or jet lag, we encourage the body's own immune response through specific tried and true techniques. All systems go and you will feel revitalized!

Massage and Acupuncture 90 min $155

Boost the effects of your Deep Tissue Massage!  This treatment is designed for those who experience localized areas of muskulo-skeletal pain.  An hour long deep tissue massage (either whole body or focused only on problem areas) is combined with a half hour of acupuncture concentrating on the area that is bothering you. 


Who likes to jump off the table right away after a massage?  Why not extend your luxurious relaxation time by combining these two powerful treatments. 

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Spa Packages

take time to relax ... especially when You do not have the time for it 

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