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Massage Therapies

Relaxation Massage 30/60/90 min $55/$75/$115

During the Relaxation Massage session our therapists use light to medium touch massage and long sweeping strokes for improvement of blood circulation and immune system enhancement. Kneading strokes stimulate muscle fibers and promote elimination of waste products. One's range of motion is also improved. A super calming experience!

Deep Therapy Massage 30/60/90 min $65/ $85/$125

We specialize in back, neck, shoulder problems and fibromyalgia. 

These sessions concentrate on problematic headaches, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and/or deep muscular tension. Our qualified, skilled therapists use various techniques and strive for excellence. A deep state of well-being is achieved as well as increased mobility and pain relief.





Essential Oils Therapy Massage 60 min $95

Plant and flower essential oils are Nature's most potent plant material.


Jasmine, bergamot, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, neroli, geranium, peppermint, rosemary, chaste berry, and more... soothing massage, very powerful, yet delicately blended oils, for what's going on with you. 

4 Handed AMAZING Massage 60/90 min $150/$230

Two experienced therapists working on one lucky person for 1 hour....or the 1 ½ hour session. A "Must Try"... at least once in a lifetime!


All clients say they have never felt so nourished and enlivened.

Heated Stone Therapy Massage 60 min $120

Essential Oils May Be Included As An Add On $10

To encourage deep relaxation and tension relief, we use warmed and oiled river rocks in the massage therapy session to encourage soothing relief to sore muscles and to bring about a deeply felt stress relief.

Reiki Treatment 15/30/60 min $25/$50/$100

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a method of healing based on the applying of Universal Life Force Energy (Chi). By hands on application of Chi, a client's energy system is strengthened.


Emotional imbalances are just as treatable as any discomfort felt on the physical. Both needs are addressed with a Reiki session - You Just Feel Better!





Japanese Shiatsu Scalp Massage 30 min $55

Include with Any Facial or Massage $55 30 min  

Everyone loves scalp massage and why shouldn't they! Traditionally performed with soothing and invigorating moves, the scalp is stimulated and hair looks and feels luxuriant too. A far reaching effect is felt by all the body's systems. Relieves most headaches and is so very calming. Neck, Shoulders and Face are addressed also.




Ashiatsu Bare Foot Therapy Massage 15/30 min $30/$55

Ashiatsu, (ashi means foot and atsu translates as pressure) is an ancient form of body work brought to us by Buddhist monks. Yes, we walk on you!! 


Wooden bars suspended from the ceiling support the practitioner while performing different foot strokes and pressure. Excellent for chronic back pain and relieving deeply held stress. This therapy is an add on to massage.





Mommy Massage 60 min $95

For our moms to be we lavish special attention on neck, back, shoulders and sore hips. Face and scalp massage included as well. We do make use of pillows for the extra comfort expected.

Sacred Earth Body and Face Massage 2 hours $195

90 min body massage + 30 min face massage with detoxifying phyto greens clay

By applying and massaging into your facial skin and body with our very own super phyto-greens/clay face and mask recipe, our therapists prompt a deepest relaxation for a most refreshed and revitalized you! As an ultimate spa treatment, clay with phyto-greens has unrivaled properties for nourishing and detoxifying, delivering a quite evident results oriented experience for all over deep stress relief, detox, and skin softening. Choose light, medium or deep therapy touch.

Sacred Elements l Massage *2+hrs* $220

Deeply Relaxing Body Massage . Body Scrub . Shiatsu Scalp Massage 

                    Ultra Hair Conditioning . Wet Room Rinse

The Spirit of the Waters runs through our spa, a sacred element of consciousness and calm. Experience a tranquil yet exhilarating ritual for purification & calming : a 1 hour massage, a skin softening essential oil salt scrub and the warmest water wet room rinse.




Sacred Elements II Massage *1 1/2 hrs* $175

​Deeply Relaxing Body Massage . Body Scrub . Wet Room Rinse

Just a bit shorter version - only minus the hair conditioning and the scalp massage.


Enjoy the superb wet room rinse as well!

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