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Long Distance Reiki


Collectively, we are witnessing what can very well become a great awakening.  A return to truth about our connection with each other, essentially our oneness and our relationship with our world; a world of greather awareness for truth, harmony and balance. 


At Seeds of Calm Spa there are a few of us practioners who are adept with Long Distance and Remote Reiki Healing.


We have experienced clients, family and friends share with us of the difference this therapy makes for their issues. During these challenging stressful times, we invite you to partake in this Holistic Energy Therapy. Especially for these times, even though most of us are now wisely practising a "social distancing", Long Distance-Remote Reiki remains doable and accessible for those in need.

Reiki, even utilized at some distance is effective. Simply, call 843-686-5525 and let us know what area you would like us to work on. 

Give Yourself a respite from discomfort and stress.   Experience 5 minutes free.  

Let us know how you fell and if you would like to receive more Long Distance Reiki 15 min. $20.  


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