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Seven Whispers 

 70 min  $165   

A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These

This spa package done by two therapists at the same time includes 7 separate elements: massage therapy, reiki, crystal and sound healing, aura cleansing with sage, and vibrational healing with essential oils, followed by an organic antioxidant drink. 


Christina Baldwin, author of Seven Whispers says at the end of her book "May we be of service to whatever goodness is trying to happen in the world in these terrible and wonderful times''. And, may we in the doing of this spa treatment add to whatever goodness already happening within you. 

Soothing Massage Therapy 


Sound Healing Bath

Essential Oils 

Crystal Therapy. 

Sage Aura Cleansing

Refreshing Antioxidant Beverage


Inspiration & Excerpts:

From the book "The Seven Whispers". Copyright © 2002 by Christina Baldwin. Used with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA

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