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organic spa, hilton head island, massage therapy
spa, hilton head island, 4 handed massage, sound healing

Sound Healing Massage   

 60 min  $165     Two Massage Therapists at the Same Time  

4 Handed Massage

Designed for those who love

touch therapy and vibrational sound.

As two of our therapists, (one at the head and shoulders and the other at your legs and feet) prompts a most soothing relaxation massage. You are simultaneously bathed in a concert of healing vibrational sound orchestrated by the intuition of the therapists for your highest good.  

The Sound Healing Room contains an overhead small gong and 

various overhead chimes. All have their own specific vibrational frequency, designed for a most peaceful 4 handed massage experience.

spa, hhi, hilton head island, massage, sound healing, vibrational healing
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