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Thoughts are energy.   We  can make our world great by our thinking 

Energy Treatments

"Energy Medicine is the future of Medicine"   Dr. Oz  The Oprah Show

Essential Peace 90 min $165

Soothing Massage  .  Warm Heated Towels  .  Essential Oils  .  Chakra Balancing 

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks   .  Reiki   

An ultimate solution to de-stress and transform negative emotions for restoring mindfulness and inner peace. All 6 therapies contribute what's good for our soul's journey. The delicate balance between our difficult emotions vs. a peaceful restored, brings a deeply felt calm. You will be happily sharing your peace with the world.



Sacred Harmony Crystal Reiki 90 min $155

Massage Therapy  .  Reiki Chakra Balancing  . Tuning Forks

That you may float into a profound calm, we begin with a customized light, medium or deep soulful 45 minute massage  with  warmed  coconut oil.  The  massage is followed by a crystal / Reiki Therapy session, to balance the chakras, which helps the flow of energy through the body and balances the emotions. 

Long Distance Reiki 20 min session $35

To Use As You Need  . One Time A Week for a Month To As Many Days in a Row

Buy A Series of 6 $175 and You Receive One Free Session

Reiki Energy sent over long distance is without limitation and will go where the energy is best needed. The Reiki Energy is transmitted into the receiver’s chakras and other parts of the auric field enabling the physical body to rebalance itself. Many can feel the Practitioner sending Reiki Energy to them even over long distances!

Third Eye Journey 90 min $155

45 min Massage  .  45 min Chakra Balancing

​Awaken your third eye, your crown chakra (also called the ajna) which contains the pineal gland. Release creative blockages, access spiritual wisdom, gifts of intuition and knowing and connect to your artistic self. While channeling your hidden talents you awaken to your true life purpose, your inner realms of soulfulness, creativity and higher consciousness. 

Awakened Heart 45 min chakra balance 45 min soothing massage $155

For those going through an emotional or unusually stressful time, in this session, we clear and balance all chakras where needed. Emphasis is on the heart chakra.


By the use of Reiki and tuning fork vibratory sound healing, we acknowledge your spirit essence to bring comfort in times of difficulty to change your vibratory force to the desired balance and peace.  


Chakra Tune Up 60 min $85

Balancing your chakras and recharging your energy system may make all the difference for optimum management of stress, and, the demands of life.


You may expect to release toxins from the emotional and physical body, feel wonderfully rejuvenated and in tune with your soul essence. 

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