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Foot Therapies

Reflexology 60 min $85

Based on the theory that if energy flow can be restored, symptoms of almost any kind may be banished or diminished. Reflexology for the feet and ankles has shown much success in the relief of back pain and greatly eases symptoms of stress.

Rosey Toesies 60 minutes $75

Designed for those yearning to have their feet massaged and, in just the right way. Calming essential oils, combined with our soothing foot massage, promotes purifying your spirit from your legs to your toesies! We use some of your favorite essential oils such as, lavendar, geranium, lemon grass and many more.

Foot Peace 60 minutes $85

If you are a sports enthusiasts, a runner, or you just have tired feet, know, we are expert at finding pressure points of stagnation or, imbalance and, we initiate full flexibility for that wonderful feeling of relief. We combine deep soothing foot massage tailored for each individual with loads of stretching of the foot and ankle.

Honey Moon Soles 60 minutes $150 (two people)

For your New Life Together, a Renewal of Vows, or A Romantic Getaway Treat... a Heart and Sole Celebration! What could be more romantic and calming than the two of you holding hands while our talented therapists pamper and soothe you both with the best massage and reflexology we can offer. Here the foot is surely the way to ones heart!

Bless Your Sole 60 min $75

For those who rarely take time for themselves, this divine massage treatment nurtures your feet and exfoliates unwanted dry skin. Angelic touches of moisture rich creams and lotions promoting a softer sole and a stress free you!

Foot Revival Soak 20 min $20

De-Stress - Soothe Your Achy Feet - Soften Callouses and Deodorize

A Natural Mineral Blend + Arnica, Tea Tree and Peppermint, White Willow and Lemon Balm,

and, may be part of any spa service, before or after.

Ingredients do not include any artificial colors or fragrances.

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 When Your Feet Feel Great You'll Feel Ageless!!

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