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Sports Massage

We Do Out Calls!

Using our skill and power of observation, along with your input, together we can find a massage to match your needs. Just as each activity and sport uses unique sets of muscles, each client's massage is tailor made for them.

Sports & Performance Massage 60 min $95

Tailored to meet the demands of full time athletes or week-end enthusiasts, our Sports & Performance Massage will give you that extra edge.  Special attention given to injuries and strains mean a shorter healing time and return to full range of motion. 



How Can Massage Help my Sport Performance?

 Helps prevent injury and loss of mobility.

 Helps restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.
 Has been shown to boost performance.
 Excellent for reducing back pain and general relaxation.

 Maintains the body in generally better condition



The Major Applications for Sports Massage

 Enhanced Recovery

 To Improve a Debilitating Condition
 Rehabilitation after an Injury
 To Prepare Before, During and Recover after an Event

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One Massage Can Do Wonders On The Track or The Greens. 


A Series of Massages Over A Period of Time Can Do Miracles!

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