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Body Wraps & Scrubs

Sea Salt and Lavender Body Scrub 30 min $55

A therapist exfoliates your body from head to toe, removing dead skin cells, stimulating the skin and lymphatic system. Lavender essential oils and sea salt work together perfecting your appearance.  After the steam shower, your skin is baby soft and smooth.

Himalayan Salt Scrub 45 min $75 Skin Regeneration Magic

Scrub Formulated By Us With Essential Oils -  Treatment Includes a Superbly Relaxing Wet Room Rinse

Let Your Skin Experience the health giving benefits of the purest salt in the entire world. This 250 million year old clean and pure salt, is loaded with minerals and trace elements, untouched by pollution, Himalayan Salt is understandably revered for its rich medicinal properties. Since many of the elements found within each grain of salt naturally occur within us and in the environment, they are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level. 

More Than A Wrap 90 min $165 : Warmed Clay Massage and Soothing Wrap Duo

For Further Cleansing & Relaxation, Our Steam Shower Awaits You!

By far, our all in one detoxifying massage and wrap is a true skin to soul rejuvenation.  We use a formula of Super High Antioxidant Clays with Soothing Herbs ...  you're massaged with the warmed clay to soothe your nervous system and draw out impurities at the same time, then, you're wrapped and coddled that the clay may perform its magic! 

Herbs and Algae Body Wrap 60 min $90

Our Detoxifying Steam Shower Is Included Following Your Soothing Wrap Experience

This blend of high potency, fortifying anti-oxidant algae, soothing and relaxing herbs and essential oils, seeps into undernourished skin, renewing its strength and vitality. Your skin is left very soft and supple. Lavender essential oil, kelp, chamomile, marigold, lime and cornflower extracts are infused with a marine algae to soothe and heal from skin to soul. 

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Treatments involving body wraps are not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, diabetic, have high blood pressure or, a history of fainting.
Please remember to advise your therapist of any medical conditions you might have forgotten to fill out on your incoming questioner.
To get the most out of your session, remember to pre-hydrate and re-hydrate on the day of your spa treatment, to avoid excessive water loss.
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