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Seek the Gold, the Deeper Meaning In Life's Curve Balls

These two birds hang out at Seeds of Calm Spa, sitting there for all to see and bringing smiles to those who happen to glance over. For me, they've become great metaphors; turning what might be a trying event into something beautiful or, even meaningful.

The one with the flower on her head was purchased indeed with all her body parts intact. One day, she lost her head and took the proverbial fall. Sound familiar? Lo and behold ..... she was not to live her life headless. With too many pieces to glue, I simply stuck a flower in what was her pretty head and now, yes wounded, but, even more beautiful than before. Two years later, a boy was found for her. Shortly after his joining us, a beloved client bumped into him, toppling him over onto the floor breaking his perfect little bottom. I already knew what to do. I'd learned years ago to dig deep wanting to see as the Creator sees ..... asking for help and guidance that I may know the true meaning of particular events and the real reasons for attracting various people. Of course, all is for our growth and healing.

Yes, we all must search for deeper meaning and not forget to laugh .... In this case, the flowers are the chuckles.

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