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First Blog Post - Green Tea Experience

I've been wanting to write a blog for seemed perfect as I just discovered a new use of Green Tea. After slogging away with taxes non stop for 2 weeks, ugh .... I developed a sty in the left eye. More than likely the stress weakened my immune system. My friend Claire, a Green Tea enthusiast suggested cool tea bag compresses on the actual eye. The relief was quickly apparent! Because I wear glasses I was able to keep the tea bag compress on the eye for hours at a time and boy was I surprised how quickly the tea brought down the swelling, stinging and even relieved the pain.

Here's what to do...and it's so easy.

1. Take your Green Tea bag and dunk in warm water for a few seconds.

2. Put on a plate in fridge for about 30 min

3. Place on eye and leave for however long is convenient and or helpful.

4. With any swelling you would appreciate the cool feeling of the chilled bag as well.

Here's to a small bundle of tannins and super antioxidants for quick healing!!

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