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This is Imani Young, before she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Now, most days she cannot get out of bed. She experiences severe headaches, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, arthritic like joint pain, kidney complications, itchy and painful skin rashes, and night sweats. When she tries to sleep she is attacked with bouts of insomnia. Most recently it is affecting  her neurological system and she has tremors and muscle spasms. She was a straight A student two years ago.  After being very sick for one and a half years, she tested positive with Lyme Disease.  Now she has to be homeschooled and has a difficult time doing her work, due to her illness. She is in need of money to receive the best Lyme medical treatments available. If she cannot find successful treatment here, her family would like to bring her to Germany for a therapy that is successfully healing this devastating disease. You can read about others who have recovered with this type of treatment in Germany at  . Please donate and HELP IMANI GET HER JOY BACK!  We will be forever blessed and grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this, sincerely , Janet Young (Imani's mom).


Imani's neuro seizures are bad - I can barely leave her to work, she's going to a Lyme expert, Dr Jones in CT in March , and it is $1500. In the meanwhile I have to miss work continually to care for her. As a single mom I am in a hell of a position. Her tongue shaking, neuro shaking is scary for her and leaving her alone is not an option anymore. Any help is appreciated. Hopefully Dr Jone's treatment plan will stop the neuro shaking quickly in March.

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Imani is the daughter of Janet Young, an independent contractor at Seeds of Calm Spa. We care deeply for Janet, Imani and her family. Please let's give to a good cause and help Imani get better.
Your donation is a tax deduction.
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